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  1. Riot Deadlift Slippers - Camo - IPF Legal

    Introducing our new Riot Deadlift Slippers (price is for a pair)

    2mm Rubberised Textured Sole
    Get as close to the floor as you can with this grippy 2mm TPR sole. Unlike lifting barefoot or in your socks, the textured rubberized sole provides a good grip on the platform. This offers a good connection to pull from while offering protection from whatever nasty stuff you might pick up off the gym floor!

    Increased efficiency of movement
    By eliminating the height deficit and the spongy soles of normal shoes, slippers provide a stable base and mechanical advantage for your deadlift. This increased efficiency of movement translates directly to better pulls and heavier weights!

    Thin, breathable & removable insole
    The slippers feature breathable insoles which are removable to make them easier to clean.

    Flexible breathable upper
    The elastic upper material provides a fit that is snug and stable while allowing for natural foot mechanics and toe spread, and is extremely comfortable to wear.

    5 sizes available
    Suitable for shoe sizes 38 to 47

    Perfect for the platform
    Our slippers are IPF legal, and designed specifically for powerlifting competitions and any deadlift training.

    Sizing, US Men's:

    S 5 - 6.5

    M 7 - 8.5

    L 9 - 10.5

    XL 11 - 12.5

    XXL 13 - 14.5

    Learn More
  2. Strength Wear Compression Pants - Camo
    Strength Wear Compression Pants provide warmth, and reduce stiffness. Ideal for training in all weather conditions Especially suitable for acute or chronic pain in the groin and/or hip musculature. May reduce the pain associated with strains/muscle pulls. Size Guideline: M - 28-32" waist L - 32-36" waist XL - 36-40" waist Learn More
  3. Strength Wear Compression Pants - Black/Red
    Strength Shop Compression Leggings/Tights providing warmth, and reducing stiffness. Ideal but not solely for winter/colder weather training. Especially suitable for acute or chronic pain in the groin, hip or bottom muscles, muscle strains or pulls. Sizing: M - 29" - 32" waist L - 32" - 36" waist XL - 36" - 40" waist Learn More
  4. Strength Wear Grey Jogging Shorts
    Strength Wear Grey Jogging Shorts with white stitched Strength Wear logo. Soft and very comfortable for training. They stretch which won't limit your range of motion, especially during squats. Size Guidlines: Small (26 - 30" waist) Medium (30 - 34" waist) Large (34 - 38" waist) X-Large (38 - 42" waist) Learn More
  5. Strength Wear Baseball Hat

    Strength Wear Baseball Hat. Looks great for training or for general wear. Embroidered white logo giving a fantastic appearance. Velcro fastening strap. Adjustable. One-size fits all. Learn More
  6. Strength Wear Beanie Hat

    Strength Wear Beanie Hat. Great for training in the cold, but looks great in all conditions! Embroidered white logo giving a fantastic appearance. Learn More
  7. Hercules Deadlift Shoes

    Regular Price: $74.95

    Special Price $54.95

    Hercules Deadlifting shoes from Strength Shop. Very low soles and great for deadlifting, and also work well for squatting in for those who prefer less of a heel than the weightlifting shoes. Reducing the sole of your footwear reduces the range of motion that you need to lift the bar, getting the extra kilograms on your Deadlift. Ideal for Powerlifting. The deadlift shoes are especially good for sumo pullers with the shoe giving more support to the side of the feet which you won't get with deadlift slippers. Upper made from PU leather. Video showing Del McQueen lifting 300kg for 8 reps in the shoes: US Men's Sizes Learn More
  8. Coyote Weightlifting Shoes
    Coyote Weightlifting Shoes, excellent quality at an affordable price. Primarily used for Olympic Weightlifting, they are also used by Powerlifters and Strength Athletes for Squats . They have a 37mm heel rise which allows for a more upright squat position and more depth. The solid wooden midsole means more force is transferred from lifter to floor and the weight is evenly distributed under the shoe. If you have ever squatted in a pair of running shoes you will know how the cushioned heel compresses and moves under the load which isnt going to win you any PRs. The solid heel of our Coyotes removes the soft squashy air bubble and means that when you press out of the hole all you energy goes into moving the bar. They are also excellent for overhead pressing events and Strongman (log, axle, etc). Their solid heel and flat sole provide a solid base to press from. Review by Delroy McQueen - former Commonwealth Gold Medalist, Olympic Lifter, and current Deadlift World Record Holder - "The strength shop coyotes are just as good if not better than any weightlifting shoe I have used over my long lifting career! They are very supportive and extremely stable. Theses shoes would be a great buy! You will not be disappointed! I would highly recommend them to any lifter!" Specifications: Heel height - 37mm, 1" effective heel height Mid-sole material - wood Upper material - PU leather Sole - rubber Sole height at front of shoe - 10mm (approx) Powerlifter Del McQueen squatting 2x290kg in them: US Men's Sizes Learn More
  9. Affinity CAVEMAN Kit Bag V2.0

    Out of stock

    Robust, rugged and with more capacity than the average gym bag... this CaveMan kit bag is all you'll ever need. And our reputation has been earned. Aside from the main storage area, you have four side pockets and the end insulated areas for your prepped meal or shakes. With new contoured shoulder strap and a refresh on materials and graphics it's good for the gym and competition alike. CaveMan bags have been used in almost every major Strongman competition, from Britains, Englands, UK's, Champions League, Europes and most recently Worlds Strongest Man. Learn More
  10. Strength Shop OG Hoody
    Strength Shop Jogging Suit Hoody - Black Ideal for training or relaxing in with them being extremely comfortable. - Stitched Strength Shop logo - Cuffed Sleeves Learn More

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