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Plate-Loadable Farmers Walk Handles

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Plate-Loadable Farmers Walk Handles

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These Farmers Walks can be loaded with as much weight as you like, onto Olympic pins.

Perfect for grip training, and also fitness/conditioning, the Farmers Walk is one of the most commonly seen events in strongman. These implements have been carefully designed to offer a Farmers Walk with pick up around 17", and 32mm knurled handles. There are feet on them to reduce the likelihood of injuries to the users feet.

Each implement weighs approximately 17.5kg. / 38.5 lbs

Price is for a pair.
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    Great as the pair I previously had were too short and guys kept hitting knees on plates. Have loaded up to 70kg each no problem, I would expect they can handle much more. Only small snag was there was a sharp but of metal that needed filing down - I had this same problem on the swiss bar. Still, well worth the money and would buy again :) Review by John / (Posted on 8/30/2012)
    Seriously Heavy Duty
    Definitely the best farmers walks I've found on the net. Knurling is not too harsh on the handles allowing your grip to be challenged as it should without ripping calluses. Easily loaded with Olympic plates, well balanced and still plenty of room to get a good stride going. These are seriously heavy duty and very well made. The additional welded 'feet' raise the lower bar nicely to avoid any chance of dropping on your toes when the going gets tough. Would definitely recommend the slightly extra spend on this deluxe version.
    Review by MusashiMonkey / (Posted on 8/27/2012)