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  1. Deluxe Utility Bench

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    Deluxe Utility, Multi-Purpose Bench. Top quality bench, with adjustable back rest and seat. Comes with a handle and wheels for ease of movement, and foot plates, making it much easier to spot another lifter.

    Rated to 600kg/1323lb

    Pad width: 11.2"

    Weight: 79lb

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  2. Strength Shop Power Rack

    An excellent power rack, a safe and suitable environment for squatting, benching, and other lifts. Unlike many other rack in this price range, our cage comes with band hooks at both the top and the bottom of the rack, as well as dipping handles, and a pull up/chin up attachment across the top of the rack. Bar holders at both the front and back of the rack, giving ease of use whatever you are doing. Small increments means a very versatile range of height options for both the safety bars and the j-hooks. Overall footprint is 59" x 48" x 83" (L x W x H) Weight - 205 lbs Tube Size - 60mm x 60mm Space between front and back uprights is 35". The spotter bar is 29mm diameter. Center of hole to center of hole is 36mm Learn More
  3. Strength Shop Mini Deadlift Jack

    Strength Shop Mini Deadlift Jack, allowing an easy and safe solution to loading/unloading the bar. Offers a simple and effortless way to lift one side of the bar at the one time. Save your back for the heavy lifting! Just put it under the bar just on the inside of the collar and tip it back to lift up the bar. Weight approximately 5 lbs. Learn More
  4. Monster Loadable Strongman Dumbbell

    Monster dumbbell press is one of the classic strongman events. With this loadable dumbbell you can train your press starting at 35kg when the dumbbell is empty, up to approximately 105kg (with thin 5kg steel plates). The dumbbell is the same specifications as those used in top level strongman competitions, including a 50mm thick handle. We recommend strong collars for keeping the plates tight and safe. . Dimensions: Total length - 21.5 inches Total Diameter - 10.5 inches Handle Diameter - 51mm / 2 inches Handle Length - 6 inches Plate Pin Length - 190mm Plate Pin Diameter - 51mm / 2 inches Maximum Plate Diameter - 250mm 9.8 inches Weight - Approx. 35 kg empty PLEASE NOTE: Monster dumbbells are heavy, especially with added weight. Please take care when lowering the dumbbell, and only drop on to soft mats, soft plyo boxes, or car tires. Learn More
  5. Strength Shop Flat Bench

    Flat bench, solid piece of equipment, and rated to 500 kg /1102 lbs Specs: Total length - 51" Total width - 25.5" Height - 17" Width of pad - 12" Length of pad - 48" Thickness of pad - 2.5" Weight - 41 lbs Learn More
  6. Loadable Thick Dumbbell Handle

    Thick handled plate loadable dumbbell. Great for pressing, and all kind of dumbbell work to improve grip and add a bit of variety into your training. Approximately 5 lb in weight, 25" in length with a knurled handle (50mm thick) and sleeves are 9" long each. Learn More

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6 Item(s)