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Jumbo Strength Salts 100ml (Smelling Salts)

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Jumbo Strength Salts 100ml (Smelling Salts)

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Jumbo Strength Salts - 100ml !

Double the volume of the standard strength salts for a stronger hit, and a tub that'll last longer!

-Get psyched up for your heavy lift
-Unscrew the lid, hold away from nose and smell
-Increases alertness

We tested these extensively to get a formula that has an extreme vapor kick!

Screw the lid back on immediately after use to increase longevity.

Store between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Be careful, these are VERY potent. USE WITH GREAT CARE!

Please note - the ammonia can seep out of the tubs sometimes, this is nothing to worry about and is essential that the tubs are made like this to stop excess pressure building up in them. Please consider this when choosing the location to store them, and also store upright at all times.