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Strength Shop Odin Knee Wraps

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Strength Shop Odin Knee Wraps

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Strength Shop Odin knee wraps (price per pair). Very stiff/supportive knee wraps, giving the most support of the Strength Shop range. Ideal for heavy squatting and those looking for the most support wraps can give.

Video showing Patrick Baboumian squatting 360kg in 2.5m Odin Knee Wraps:

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    Strength Shop Odin knee wraps, 2, 2.5, & 3m length design without velcro. Great support for your knees whilst squatting/lifting helping you increase the amount of weight that you can lift!! These wraps are very stiff, the most supportive in the Strength Shop range, perfect for heavy squatting and giving maximum support to the knees.