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Affinity Rhino Pro Spec Competition CaveMan Kit Bag

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The Pro spec kit bags first saw the light of day with Laurence Shahlaei at the 2018 Worlds Strongest Man. With a subsequent model made for 2 times Worlds Strongest Woman Donna Moore, both of which were not made available to purchase as each was an homage to their achievements in the sport of Strongman.

With a demand for a bigger bag coming we looked to create a version for the public. Current UK strongman and friend Ryan England has always championed the Affinity bags and we decided to make him his own and that model available as the first in what will be a line of Athlete Pro bags. this the first... The Rhino.

20% larger than the standard CaveMan Kit bag, with a simple external belt loop, shoe cave, gel shoulder pad as well as metal fixings. It also has the insulated snack pocket* synonymous with the Affinity CaveMan bags and sold now the world over.

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