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13mm Burnt Orange Lever Belt - IPF Approved

Product Review (submitted on September 6, 2017):
I got this belt a few months ago and really love it. I started out with the 10mm belt last year and really liked it but thought I needed the 13mm as I got heavier on my squats (for that little extra support). I can definitely say that the 13mm belt is much stiffer than the 10mm belt. It really helps me support the weight when I get heavier on squats. I don't belt up until my last set on squats and it makes a big difference with it. I would recommend the 10mm belt to anyone that has not worn a powerlifting belt before though (especially if your are short and your ribs are close to the top of your pelvis). Starting with the 10mm belt helped me get used to a real belt with out digging into my body too much. And with both belts being at such a great price compared to other competitors, it isn't too costly to buy the 10mm and then move to the 13mm when you are ready. As always great product and great customer support!