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20kg Strength Shop Bastard Bar

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20kg Strength Shop Bastard Bar

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We often get asked which bar is suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit. We have now developed the Strength Shop Bastard Bar.

Each sleeve in these bars contains of one needle bearing, two ball bearings, and one brass bushing.

Lightly grooved sleeves.

Markings for powerlifting and olympic weightlifting.

Includes a center knurling

2200mm in length, 20kg Olympic sprung steel bar, True 28mm diameter, with end caps.

Quite a 'flexy' shaft, medium-sharp knurling, and great free spinning sleeves.

205K PSI Tensile Strength

This bar comes with a Strength Shop Lifetime Performance Warranty (see T&C for full details).

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    Best Bang For The Buck!
    I am not a weightlifter. I primarily dabble in powerlifting. That being said, I started messing around with Cleans, Jerks, and Snatches. But my power bar was starting to hurt my wrists because of the lack of spin.

    I've had this bar for over six months and I am beyond impressed with the finish. It still looks the same as when I got it.

    The spin is unreal and the whip is more than I'm used to. I have noticed a slight bow on one side of the shaft, but that's how it came. it does not seem to negatively influence the lifts.

    I've started using this bar for deadlifts because the bend allows more weight to be lifted. 200 Kilos did kink the bearings a little, but it has worked itself out.

    I highly recommend this bar. You would be hard-pressed to find a better deal for a bar this versatile and durable.
    Review by Josiah / (Posted on 4/18/2017)
    Good mid-range bar
    Coat: Nickel coating, similar to chrome, is way more resilient than zinc/oxide finishes that is so common for bars under $300

    Knurling: Passive. There's no doubt about it, nothing about the knurling is sharp. Great for Oly lifting or CrossFit, maybe not for 1 rep max deadlifts.

    Spin: Pretty remarkable, comparable to higher end needle bearing bars.

    Whip: Low to moderate. With the higher tensile strength, this just won't flex as well as other 28 mm bars. Slightly less whippy than 28.5 mm bars.
    Review by Dave / (Posted on 10/3/2016)
    You will not find a better bar for the price
    I received my bastard bar about a week ago and I have been nothing but impressed. You will not find a better bar than this for under $500.(except possibly the strength shop elite bar which I have not used) I have lifted with bars from all price ranges including countless rogue bars, fringe sports, again faster klokov bar, pendlay hd and bearing bar, dhs competition, werk san competition, and the eleiko competition bar and this bar is in the top three of that group. Great spin, the knurling is not cheese greater but you can still keep your grip and nice whip once you get around 130kg. It's also a great looking bar cosmetically. Review by Stephen / (Posted on 7/20/2015)