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Bastard Squat Bar

Bastard Squat Bar

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Introducing the newest addition to our Bastard Power range - The Strength Shop Bastard Squat Bar!

Deep coarse knurling throughout the bar to ensure a solid grip on your back during the squat. Nickel-phosphorus finish on the bar so it looks as good as it performs.

32mm diameter steel shaft, making this thicker than a normal power bar. The thicker shaft is better suited for squats and increases the strength of the bar. Due to this the bar is 25kg in weight!

The sleeves have a loadable length of 46cm allowing you to fit more weight on the bar over standard Olympic barbells. All these small features add up to make this a fantastic squat bar!

 Check out Tom Stoltman squatting 310kg x 4 in sleeves on this bar!

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    32mm shaft, 25kg Bastard Squat Bar